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Baltic Street Adventure Playground serves a growing group of children from across Glasgow, and a community of local children who are some of the most vulnerable in Scotland. The playground plays a valuable role not only in the lives of individual children, but in the community as a whole. We rely on a network of individuals and groups, including the Friends of Baltic Street, to support our work, and keep the playground open and accessible to all. 

The Friends of Baltic Street is a group of people who support the playground. Their support help buy food and warm and dry clothes, and makes a contributes towards funding the play-worker’s roles. Their generosity ensures the playground remains a stable and reliable place, accessible to all the children of East Glasgow.

All Friends of Baltic Street, no matter what their contribution receive an embroidered playground patch as a token of their support, a subscription to the Baltic Street Adventure Playground newsletter, and are invited to an annual ‘play date’ to get to know the project better.

We welcome donations of building materials, tools, fixings,  tyres, ropes, fire-wood and almost any kind of used furnture, recycling and junk that can be repurposed for building and play. You might be surprised what we can make use of! You can check our facebook page and blog for updates on particular materials we are looking for at the moment. We also welcome donations of dry food and fruit and vegetables. 

If you are intersted in making a financial donation to support our running costs, or towards the cost of the play-workers roles, you can use this form. If you'd like to discuss supporting a particular project or to hear more about the impact your donation will on Baltic Street, however big or small, please get in touch, we'd be pleased to hear from you.