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This page has the a collection of sources which we found useful, and which address play as a behaviour from a variety of different perspectives. There is quite a diverse range of things, and sorting them to make them more accessible is an on-going work-in-progress. 

Articles and Books

Children's Play is More Than Physical Education, Avrid Bengtsson 

Child in the City, Colin Ward [short extract]

Homo Ludens, Johan Huizinga

First Steps – A Primer on the Geographies of Childhood and Youth, ed John McKendrick

Dissolution of Children's Outdoor Play and its Consequences, Joe Frost 

Child's Right to Play, eds Wendy Russel and Stewart Lester

The State of Urban Children, UNICEF

What Play Provision Should Do for Children, Playlink

Participation, Consultation and the Death of Play, Bob Hughes


Paige Johnson's live archive of playgrounds arong the world

Architektur fur Kinder's archive of playgrounds, books and historical images

Another world archive of play and playgrounds

Tim Gill's fantastic and constantly relevant blog:

Nil's Norman's research biblography on adventure

Bernard Spiegal of PlayLinks also fantastic and evolving blog