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Baltic Street Adventure Playground is supervised adventure playground for children from 6 to 12 years. Younger children are welcome with a carer or guardian. It is free to enter, children are free to come and go, and free to play as they choose.

Baltic Street is child-led. The children choose what to do and can get involved in everything from the day-to-day management to the development of the site. Specially trained  play workers  keep children safe, cook food on the campfire and support them to pursue their own play, from make-believe to construction projects.

Baltic Street is a Charity , which exists to provide and sustain an environment in which children are supported and enabled to act on their right to play in the fullest possible way, throughout their childhood. It aims to address the whole child as a part of the community they are growing up in, and actively support and nurture physical as well as social, emotional and developmental well-being. Our child-led approach puts children at the heart of decision-making, growing their confidence, capacity for independent action and ability to affect change. 

Our Mission Statement explains our priorities, and our Business Plan  lays out how we go about fulfilling our objectives. There is lots of information about  what happens at Baltic Street,  about  who we are,   how we started  and  how support us or to get involved  on this  website. There is also a small archive of information about adventure play and why we do what we do. The best way to find out more about all of this, however, is  to drop in and see us. 


Please consider making a donation to Baltic Street Adventure Playground if you can, anything you can give as a one-off or even regular donation will help us continue to do our work.